Additional Profit Sharing Contributions for Resident Managers and Full Time Superintendents – Dead Line November 1, 2021

Dear Participating Employers:

The deadline to submit the lump sum 2021 contribution authorization is November 1, 2021.

If you, the employer or managing agent on behalf of the employer, decide to voluntarily participate, then please complete your part of the “Additional SRSP Contribution Authorization Form”; and return the completed form to If you decide not to participate you may disregard.

When completing the form:

  • Check either Resident Manager or Superintendent
  • Enter name of Resident Manager or Superintendent
  • Enter Building Address and Name (if different)
  • Select the Lump Sum Amount
  • Enter Owner, Employer, Managing Agent and Address information as indicated on the form
  • Check the Capacity (role as signatory)
  • Signature of authorized signer (Please Print Name of Signatory)
  • Will have to provide a new authorization each year if they want to continue make the additional SRSP contribution

Incomplete forms cannot be accepted.

Employer participation is voluntary but cannot be changed for a calendar year once the authorization is submitted to the SRSP.

If you have additional questions you may contact the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, Inc. (RAB) or Employer Services at 212-388-3354.


Building Service 32BJ Benefit Funds
Employer Services
212 388-3354